22-06-2022 – Lecture on Agonism in Stakeholder Engagement for Responsible Innovation, De Montfort University, UK.

23-06-2022 – Discussion with Kees Klomp about my book Van wereld naar aarde, Thuis Wageningen (more information: here)

29-06-22 – Paper presentation “Quadruple Helix Collaborations, the ethics of stakeholder engagement, and the future of responsible innovation”, Workshop Open scholarship, responsible innovation and anticipatory governance, Aachen University, Germany

01-07-22 – Keynote speech on my book The Critique of Management, Philosophy of Management conference, Oxford.

06-07-22 – 08-07-22 – several paper presentations during the philosophy of human-technology relations conference, Copenhagen

08-09-2022 – Lecture & Discussion about my book Van wereld naar aarde, Radboud Reflex (more information: here)

12-10-2022 – Paper presentation, Philosophy Group, Vienna University

13-11-2022 – Lecture & Discussion about my book van wereld naar aarde, Filosofiecafe Wageningen (more information: here)