Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technology Research Program (ESDIT). coordinator Research Line “Nature, Life and Human Intervention” (together with Marcel Verweij and Ibo van de Poel)(click for more information).
A Responsible Research & Innovation Model for Impact investment & Responsible Startups (RRIstart). Work Package leader (click for more information)
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Co-Creation for Responsible AI in the process industry (together with Mira Vegter and Renate Wesselink) (more information:
Responsible Innovation path for ultrathin nanomembranes (together with Georgius Katsoukis, Cornelius Schubert and Eugen Popa)(more information:
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Several book projects on philosophy of innovation, philosophy of responsible innovation, philosophy of biomimicry, philosophy of sustainable development and ecology of technology (more information:

Past Projects (Selection)

  • Reconfiguring Research and Innovation Constellations (Riconfigure)(EU 2018-2021), PI/Work package leader(click for more information)
  • Responsible Research and Innovation Networked Globally” (RRIng)(EU 2018-2021), PI/Work package leader (click for more information)
  • Excellence in science and innovatioin for Europe by adopting the concept of responsible research and innovation” (NewHoRRIzon)(EU 2017-2021), PI/Work package leader (click for more information)
  • Motivations, drivers and barriers for responsible innovation in the Dutch food sector: the influence of a healthy food logo on the innovation agenda for healthy food (NWO 2015-2019), PI/project coordinator (for more information:
  • Responsible innovation proactices of sustainable entrepreneurs in making the transition towards sustainable agricultural, water and energy systems (NWO 2016-2018), PI/project coordinator (for more information:
  • Climate Smart Agriculture Booster (EU 2014-2016), PI/project manager (for more information: