Philosophy of Technology, Environmental Philosophy & Responsible Innovation


14/9/22: new video with a public lecture about my book From World to Earth for Radboud Reflects (in Dutch)

13/9/22: what grounds do we have to in- or exclude conspiracy theorists in responsible innovation processes? Click here for open access to a new contribution.

23/8/22 Ever wondered how hybrids can be conceptualised as a regenerative design and use to serve the planet? Click here for open access to a new contribution in Environmental Values.

5/7/22: Always wondered what is the role of human creativity in the invention of disruptive technologies? Click here for open access to a new contribution in Philosophy & Technology.

3/7/22: new video of my keynote speech “What is Management?” during the Philosophy of Management conference in Oxford

22/6/22: Cell factories’ will produce our future food, drugs and fuel. In this new article, we criticize the machine ontology that is assumed in synthetic biology and develop a philosophical ontology of hybrids as metabolic systems. click here for open access.

14/6/22: Ever wondered what creation means in case of invention and innovation? New open access article can be found here.


The Critique of Management : Toward a Philosophy and Ethics of Business Management book cover