Philosophy of Technology, Environmental Philosophy & Responsible Innovation


15-3-23: New interview with me about climate change, technology and the role of philosophy (in Dutch):

23/2/23: New Interview with me and others in NRC about philosophy of AI (in Dutch): Click here for open access.

9/2/23: New paper published: Technology as Mimesis: Biomimicry as Regenerative Sustainable Design, Engineering, and Technology. Click here for open access.

7/2/23: New article published: The Earth means the World to me. Earth- and World-Interest in Times of Climate Change. Click here for open access.

26/1/23: New video about biomimicry as new paradigm for sustainable technology (interview with me from 46.40).

27/12/22: New podcast with an interview about my book From World to Earth for Klimaatfestival Antwerpen (in Dutch). Click here for open access.

17/10/22: new open access book publishing: Putting Responsible Innovation into practice: click here for open access.

13/10/22: Interested in Social labs for Responsible Innovation? Click here for open access to a new publication.

12/10/22: Interested how to live up to the ideal of Inclusion in Responsible Innovation in the age of Conspiracism? Click here for open access to a new publication on this topic.


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