Philosophy of Technology, Environmental Philosophy & Responsible Innovation


22-5-23: Invitation to join my inaugural lecture, September 7 2023, Wageningen University:

11-5-23: Contribution to “De grenzen van AI. Hoe gevaarlijk is de opkomst van kunstmatige intelligentie”, Eva Hofman, Groene Amsterdammer, 11-5-23: 12-13

11-5-23: Interview about our ELSA lab for responsible AI in Resource: click here for open acces.

10-5-23: New paper published about the normative dimension of the transiton to the circular biobased economy. click here for open acces.

24-4-23: New paper published about how ELSA and RRI can reinforce each other in Responsible Innovation. click here for open acces.

24-4-23: Conversation about AI and the role of ethics and politics in De Balie (Amsterdam):



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