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  • Garst, J., Blok, V., Branzei, O., Jansen, L., Omta, O. (2021) “Towards a Value-Sensitive-Absorbtive Capacity Framework: Navigating Inter-value and Inter-value Conflicts to Answer the Societal Call for Health”, Business and Society 60(6): 1349-1386
  • Osagie, E., Wesselink, R., Blok, V., Mulder, M. (2020), “Learning Organization for Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation; Unravelling the intricate relationships between Organizational and Operational LO Characteristics”, Organization & Environment (10.1177/1086026620933915)
  • Brand, T., Blok, V., Verweij, M. (2020) “Stakeholder dialogue as agonistic deliberation: exploring the role of conflict and self-interest in business-NGO interaction”, Business Ethics Quarterly, 30(1): 3-30
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  • Blok, V., (2013) “The Power of Speech Acts: Reflections on a Performative Concept of Ethical Oaths in Econom ics and Business”, Review of Social Economy, 71(2)(2013), pp. 187-208