Environmental Philosophy

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Featured publications:

  • “The Earth means the World to me: Earth- and World-interest in times of climate change”. Di paola, M., Pellegrino, G. (Eds.), Handbook of Philosophy of Climate Change (doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-16960-2_105-1)
  • Holy-Luczai, M., Blok, V. (2022) “Towards the Phenomenology of Hybrids as Regenerative Design and Use -A Post-Heideggerian Account”, Environmental Values (published online).
  • Rijssenbeek, J., Blok, V., Robaey, Z. (2022) “Metabolism instead of Machine: Towards an ontology of hybrids”, Philosophy & Technology (published online)
  • Blok, V. (2022) Van wereld naar aarde. Filosofische ecologie van een bedreigde planeet. Boom: Amsterdam
  • Veraart, R., Blok, V. (2021), “Towards a philosophy of a bio-based economy: a Levinassian Perspective on the relations between economic and ecology systems”, Environmental Values, 30(2): 169-192
  • Blok, V (2019) “Nothing Else Matters: Towards an Ontological Concept of the Materiality of the Earth in the Age of Global Warming”. Research in Phenomenology 49: 65-87.
  • Zwier, J., Blok, V., Lemmens, P. (2019), “Appraising Asymmetries – Considerations on the Changing Relation between Human Existence and Planetary Nature – Guest Editor’s Introduction”. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 31(6): 635-644
  • Gremmen, B., Blok, V., Bovenkerk, B. (2019) “Responsible Innovation for Life: Five challenges Agriculture offers for Responsible Innovation in Agriculture and Food, and the necessity of an ethics of innovation”, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 32.5-6:673-679
  • Blok, V. (2018), “Technocratic Management versus Ethical Leadership. Redefining Responsible Professionalism in the Agri-Food sector in the Anthropocene”. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics  31(5): 583-591).
  • Gremmen, B., Bruijnis, M., Blok, V., Stassen, E. (2018) “A public survey on handling male chicks in the Dutch egg sector”, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 31(1): 93-107(DOI:10.1007/s10806-018-9712-0)
  • Blok, V. (2016), “Thinking the Earth after Heidegger: Critical Reflections on Meillassoux’s and Heidegger’s Concept of the Earth”. Environmental Ethics 38(4): 441-462
  • Gremmen, B. Blok, V. (2016) “The Lesser of two evils? The killing of day-old male chicks in the Dutch egg sector”. In: Food Futures. Ethics, Science & Culture (proceedings EURSAFE conference 2016), pp. 72-75
  • Blok, V. (2015) “The human glanze, the experience of environmental distress and the ‘Affordance’ of nature: Toward a phenomenology of the ecological crisis”, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 28(5): 925-938(DOI 10.1007/s10806-015-9565-8).
  • Bruijnis, M., Blok, V., Stassen, E., Gremmen, B. (2015) “Moral ‘Lock-In’ in Responsible Innovation: The Ethical and Social Aspects of Killing Day-Old Chicks and its Alternatives”, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 28(5): 939-960(DOI 10.1007/s10806-015-9566-7).
  • Blok, V. (2014) “Reconnecting with Nature in the Age of Technology. The Heidegger and Radical Environmentalism Debate Revisited”, Environmental Philosophy 11(2), 307-332 (DOI: 10.5840/envirophil20149913).
  • Blok, V. (2014) “Being-in-the-World as Being-in-Nature: An ecological Perspective on Being and Time”, Studia Phaenomenologica 14: 215-235.

Featured interviews

  • “In klimaatverandering zijn filosofen nauwelijks geinteresseerd”, interview met Trouw, 20-6-22

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