Philosophy of Management

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  • Blok, V. (2020) “Politics versus Economics: Philosophical Reflections on the Nature of Corporate Governance” Philosophy of Management, 19(1): 69-87.
  • Blok, V. (2020) “What is (Business) management? Laying the ground for a philosophy of management”, Philosophy of Management 19(2): 173-189
  • Blok, V. (2019) “Xenophon’s philosophy of Management”, In: Neesham, C., Segal, S. (Eds.), Handbook of Philosophy of Management. Springer: Dordrecht (
  • Blok, V. (2018), “Information Asymmetries and the Paradox of Sustainable Business Models: Toward an integrated theory of sustainable entrepreneurship”. In: Idowu, S.O. et al., Sustainable Business Models: Principles, Promise, and Practice. Dordrecht: Springer, 203-225
  • Blok, V. (2017), “Bridging the Gap between Ethical Principles and Actual Responsible Behaviour: Toward  a Performative Concept of Corporate Codes”. Philosophy of Management 16(2): 117-136
  • Blok, V. (2014) „The Metaphysics of Collaboration: Identity, Unity and Difference in Cross-Sector Partnerships for Sustainable Development“, Philosophy of Management  13(2), 53-74 (DOI: 10.5840/pom201413211)

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