Philosophy of Technology

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Featured publications:

  • Blok, V. (2023) “Technology as mimesis of nature: Biomimicry as Regenerative Sustainable Design, Engineering, and Technology”. Techne: Research in Philosophy of Technology (Published online)
  • Blok, V. (2022) “The role of human creativity in human-technology relations”, Philosophy and Technology (Published online).
  • Rijssenbeek, J., Blok, V., Robaey, Z. (2022) “Metabolism instead of Machine: Towards an ontology of hybrids”, Philosophy & Technology (published online)
  • Blok, V. (2022) “The ontology of creation: towards a philosophical account of the creation of World in innovation processes”, Foundations of Science (forthcoming).
  • Bosschaert, M., Blok, V. (2022) “The ‘empirical’ in the empirical turn: a critical analysis”. Foundations of science (published online)
  • Blok, V. (2022) “The ontology of technology beyond anthropocentrism and determinism. The role of technologies in the constitution of the (post)Anthropocene World”. Foundations of Science (published online).
  • Korenhof, P., Blok, V., Kloppenburg, S. (2022) “Steering representations: toward a critical understanding of Digital Twins”. Philosophy and Technology (published online)
  • Blok, V. (2021) “What is innovation? Laying the Ground for a Philosophy of Innovation”. Techne: Research in Philosophy and Technology 25(1): 72-96
  • Blok, V. (2021) “The Ontology of Innovation: On the New, the Political-Economic Dimension and the Intrinsic Risks involved in Innovation Processes” in: Michelfelder, D., Doorn, N. (ed). Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Engineering. London: Routledge: 273-285
  • Holy-Luczaj, M., Blok, V. (2021) “Hybrids and the Boundaries of Moral Considerability or Revisiting the idea of non-instrumental value”, Philosophy and Technology, 34: 223-242
  • Holy-Luczaj, M., Blok, V. (2019) “How to deal with Hybrids in the Anthropocene: Towards a Philosophy of Technology and Environmental Philosophy 2.0”, Environmental Values 28(3): 325-345
  • Zwier, J., Blok, V., Lemmens, P. (2019), “Appraising Asymmetries – Considerations on the Changing Relation between Human Existence and Planetary Nature – Guest Editor’s Introduction”. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 31(6): 635-644
  • Zwier, J., Blok, V. (2019), “Seeing through the fumes. Technology and asymmetry in the Anthropocene”, Human Studies 42(4): 621-646
  • Blok, V. (2017), Ernst Jünger’s Philosophy of Technology. Heidegger and the Poetics of the Anthropocene. New York: Routledge
  • Blok, V. (2017), “Earthing Technology: Towards an Eco-centric Concept of Biomimetic Technologies in the Anthropocene”, Techne: Research in Philosophy and Technology. 21(2-3): 127-149 (DOI: 10.5840/techne201752363).
  • Lemmens, P., Blok, V., Zwier, J. (2017). “Toward a Terrestrial Turn in Philosophy of Technology: Guest Editor’s Introduction”. Techne: Research in Philosophy and Technology 21(2-3): 114—126.
  • Zwier, J., Blok, V. (2017) “Saving Earth – Encountering Heidegger’s Philosophy of Technology in the Anthropocene”. Techne: Research in Philosophy and Technology , 21(2-3): 222-242
  • Zwier, J., Blok, V., Lemmens, P. (2016) “Phenomenology and the empirical turn: a phenomenological analysis of postphenomenology”. Philosophy & Technology 29(4) 313-333 (doi:10.1007/s13347-016-0221-7): 313-333
  • Blok, V. (2014) “Reconnecting with Nature in the Age of Technology. The Heidegger and Radical Environmentalism Debate Revisited”, Environmental Philosophy 11(2), 307-332 (DOI: 10.5840/envirophil20149913).

Featured Interviews:

  • Interview in Filosofie Magazine about my progressive philosophy of technologies (in Dutch). to access the interview, click here.
  • Interview with Kennislink about technologies which embrace nature (in Dutch), Kennislink 13-5-22. to access the interview, click here.
  • Interview with NRC about philosophy of AI (in Dutch), NRC 25-2-23. to access the interview, click here.

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