Responsible Innovation

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Featured publications:

  • Popa, E. Blok, V. (2022) “Responsible Innovation in the Age of Science Conspiracy”, Journal of Responsible Innovation (Published online:
  • Marschalek, I., Blok, V., Bernstein, M., Braun, R., Cohen, J., Hofer, M., Seebacher, L.M., Uterfrauner, E., Daimler, S. Nieminen, M. Christensen, M.V., Thapa, R.K. (2022) “The social lab as a method for experimental engagement in participatory research”, Journal of Responsible Innovation (published online:
  • Garst, J., Blok, V., Omta, O., Jansen, L. (2022) “From Value Sensitive Design to Values Absorption. Building an instrument to analyse organizational capabilities for value-sensitive innovation”. Journal of Responsible Innovation (published online:
  • Schomberg, L., Blok, V. (2021), “Technology in the Age of innovation: responsible innovation as a new subdomain within the philosophy of technology”, Philosophy and Technology, 34: 309-323
  • Garst, J., Blok, V., Branzei, O., Jansen, L., Omta, O. (2021) “Towards a Value-Sensitive-Absorbtive Capacity Framework: Navigating Inter-value and Inter-value Conflicts to Answer the Societal Call for Health”, Business and Society 60(6): 1349-1386
  • Long, T., Blok, V., Dorrestijn, S., MacNaghten, P. (2020) “The design and testing of a tool for developing responsible innovation in start-up enterprises”, Journal of Responsible Innovation, 7(1): 45-75(DOI: 10.1080/23299460.2019.1608785).
  • Novitzky, P., Bernstein, M., Blok, V., Braun, R., Chan, T.T., Lamers, W., Loeber, A., Meijer, I., Lindner, R., Griessler, E. (2020), “Coherent attempts to align research policy and societal values needed”, Science 369(6499): 39-41
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  • Timmermans, J., Blok, V., Braun, R., Wesselink, R., Nielsen, R.O. (2020) “Social labs as an inclusive methodology to implement and study social change: the case of responsible research and innovation”, Journal of Responsible Innovation, 7(3): 410-426
  • Blok, V. (2019), “Innovation as Ethos. Moving beyond CSR and Practical Wisdom in Innovation Ethics”. Handbook of Philosophy of Management. Dordrecht: Springer (10.1007/978-3-319-48352-8_19-1)
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  • Blok, V., Lemmens, P. (2015) “The Emerging Concept of Responsible Innovation. Three Reasons why it is Questionable and Calls for a Radical Transformation of the Concept of Innovation“. In: Koops, van den Hoven, Romijn, Swierstra, Oosterlaken (ed.), Responsible Innovation 2: Concepts, Approaches, and Applications (Dordrecht: Springer): 19-35 (DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-17308-5_2).
  • Blok, V. (2014) “Look who’s talking: Responsible Innovation, the paradox of dialogue and the voice of the other in communication and negotiation processes”, Journal of Responsible Innovation 1(2), 171-190(DOI: 10.1080/23299460.2014.924239)

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